Welcome to Avaya Assistant

Easily move from a conversation in Slack to a rich collaborative meeting including multi-party audio, video and application/screen sharing. You can start or join a meeting in your Avaya Equinox® Virtual Room or your Avaya Spaces personal meeting room. Anyone can sign-up for free! (Some features require a subscription or license)

For more information, check out the Avaya Slack Integration Guide.

Add to Slack

Usage info

Once installed in your Slack workspace, the /avaya command is available for all workspace users.
To create a meeting invite, you will need to authorize with Avaya Spaces or Avaya Equinox Conferencing first.
  • Avaya Spaces. Even if you do not have an account yet, we'll help you with onboarding during login process.
  • Avaya Equinox Conferencing. This option is available if your organization uses Avaya Equinox Conferencing or Avaya Equinox Meetings Online. We'll detect that based on email address of the user initiating /avaya command.
Avaya Spaces and Avaya Equinox conferencing configuration can be reset at any time with /avaya reset.
An authorized user can use /avaya to create a meeting invite from the interactive dashboard.
Alternatively /avaya meet can be used to post a meeting invite to a Slack channel directly without prompts.